Monday, October 20, 2014

Brunch Steak & Garden Hash with Basted Eggs

Okay, Okay, Okay..I admit, I don't wholly share her sentiment. After a strong mug of coffee, I like to make breakfast but really don't like to eat before brunch and only sometimes do I tell anyone to sleep in the kitchen. For these reasons, today I thought I'd drop in with a nice little starter blog this morning about one of my favorite meals- BRUNCH!! This is a great way to use last night's baked potatoes and steak for a quick and easy breakfast or brunch. No baked potatoes on hand? NO problemo! Microwave a couple of potatoes for 7 minutes or ::GASP:: use the "potato button."   Halve & Allow them to cool before shredding or you'll have steamed fingers.

Basted eggs, well...Kitchen Diva Basted Eggs, are a great healthier alternative to traditional fried eggs. This recipe cuts down the butter used for traditional "fried" eggs by finishing the cooking process with steam. The result is still that great fried-egg-type yolk and texture, with less fat. They really tender this way versus the sometime crunchy-spongy texture fried eggs get when cooked too high, to fast.

Brunch Steak & Garden Hash

1-2 Baked Potatoes
½ Cup Chopped Leftover Grilled Steak, per person
(Ribeye, London Broil, Filet, New York..use whatever you have)

¼ Cup Green Bell Pepper,diced
¼ Cup Mushrooms, diced
2 Tbsp Chopped Tomato
2 Tbsp Onion, minced
1 Clove Garlic, minced
Drizzle of Oil, (Grapeseed, Olive or Vegetable)
½ tsp Butter
Salt/Pepper, to taste

Kitchen Diva Basted Egg

1 Egg
1 tsp Butter
2 Tbsp Water
Pan with a cover


Shred baked potatoes into a pan drizzled with oil on medium high heat.

Hashed potatoes crisped before adding veggies
Brown shredded potatoes for 10 minutes, mixing every so often, until crispy. Chop all your veggies & meat while that gets down in the pan.

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Add all veggies, garlic, butter, salt and pepper; continue pan frying for another 5 minutes, mixing every couple of minutes.

Added veg to the pan

Remove pan from heat and add chopped steak to warm through. Then, stir it up before serving under your egg(s).

Basted Egg

Warm butter in saute pan until melted. Medium Heat.

Melt butter & swish around pan

Crack egg into pan and let cook in butter, until egg whites become semi-firm. About 1 minutes 30 seconds. 
Saute in butter for about 1 minute 30 

Add water to pan and cover to steam.
Water Added to the pan, egg starts to bubble and it's time to COVER


Depending on how you and your guest(s) like their eggs, time for at least 3 minutes for a dippy (as we call it around here, like we are Pennsylvanian Dutch) egg, 4 minutes for over medium and more minutes for a firm egg.

**Disclaimer: We always eat them in the first 2 categories, so I have no idea how long it takes to cook them all the way through. But, keep them on there and they are guaranteed to keep cooking! :) Also, your pan heat will vary the time a bit, so keep an eye on them every minute past the time given.

Serve it all up with a side of fruit, maybe a grapefruit mimosa on a special occasion - like it's Saturday morning and we made it through Friday! Any occasion is a good one for a little morning mimosa.


Working on some fun new stuff so until then, Happy Cooking...


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