Sunday, September 7, 2014

Vert & Violette Salad & Yogurt Bleu Dressing

Life Hack: Here's a little info graphic laying out all the nutritional details

Originally, I made this dressing as a dip for these Crispy Baked Chipper Chicken Fingers.

Then, it turned into a whole salad thing. Then, it was all so good, I decided I must share. After researching the calories in a typical Blue Cheese, I did the calculations for this delicious recipe. We are talking HUGE!

2 Tbsp of Litehouse's Original Bleu Dressing rings in at 150 calories...
2 Tbsp of  this Yogurt Bleu Dressing rings in at 45 calories! I had to do the calculation several times, on different websites - just to be sure. This is crazy good dressing, crazy low cal!

Yogurt Bleu Dressing

1 ½ Cup Plain Yogurt

3” x 2” chunk Castillo Blue Cheese (about 1/3 Cup crumbled)

Heaping tsp “Really Raw” Honey (1 ¼ approx. tsp)

1 Tbsp  Red Wine Vinegar

½ tsp garlic powder

½ tsp Black Pepper

½ tsp Salt

Very & Violette Salad

Radicchio (Used Treviso variety here)
Bunch of Radish
Mix up your dressing first.

Measure out the ingredients into a small mixing bowl. 

Salt and pepper - don't skimp on either

A little sprinkle of garlic powder

Adding a little dash of honey enhances the sweetness - needed against the tart yogurt/bleu blend

Red wine vinegar gives it all a little sweet snap

If using block blue cheese, chop it up a bit first for easier stirring. 

Crumble the Bleu Cheese first - it blends much easier

Bleu Cheese in....time to whisk, whisk, whisk 'til smooth

I whisked and whisked and whisked to help the blue cheese smooth out into the yogurt – these things take a little time. Use your whisk to chop up bigger clumps as you go.

Chill dressing while you clean, chop and slice up the lettuce and radish for the salad.

Serve dressing over salad or even as a dip for chicken fingers, fries, hot wings, or veggie sticks.

Toss the greens and serve them as a bed under the Cripsy Baked Chippy Chicken, with a little cup of dressing and some sliced radishes to dip in place of real chips (since we’ve got our fill of potato chips crusted around the chicken). Yum!!

Until next time everyone...Happy Cooking!!!


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