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Crispy Baked Chipper Chicken Fingers

Weeeee’rrreee back!!! From vacation, that is. I am working on a little photo blog…do they call that a Plog, I wonder??... as I was saying, I am working on a photo blog of ALL the THINGS. We ate and we cooked, we shopped, we did had some fun, saw some things, most of all we EXPERIENCED! It was exhilarating and refreshing. I came home very relaxed yet only motivated to do one thing…MOVE!

We are looking, seriously, and looking at places far away. Maybe we'll pick up and move to France or Spain, or Italy…Ahhhh yes, Italy, and all the pasta. Greece, maybe, seafood on the rocky cliffs. I can feel the water misting my shoulders. Vivid imagination. OH, and the VINO….all the vino. None of this is reasonable, of course, starting with the simple fact that neither Superman nor I are remotely close to being fluent in any of these languages. But, I am fearless in a strange way that laundry is intimidating and threatening but moving to a foreign place seems reasonable – like, let’s just DO it and we’ll thrive. I have this theory that if we are dropped in a situation, human nature forces us to figure the thing out and our nature as a family forces us to thrive.

The fella doesn’t know that we are looking, of course, but…that’s to save for another day.

I’m only kidding. He is warm to the idea (closer to the luke end of the spectrum). To a place that’s maybe a hop, skip and a jump. Like, an hour plane ride would be perfect. But not Los Angeles…he’s been there, done that, and “has no desire to be back there, again.” I think he’d take Tuscan country side over the thought of driving to and from the Valley five days a week. So, that’s a win for me, for now… I’ll keep ya’ posted.

As for the today's recipe, it was inspired by an old movie favorite, Father of the Bride. We’ve all lost a lot of comedic powerhouse as of late. I turned to Father of the Bride, Martin Short and Steve Martin. I am such a sap for this movie. Without further ado, the scene that always leaves me laughing - when George loses his sh*t:

Ah HA! George was on to something….the CHIPPER CHICKEN, indeed.


Crispy Baked Chipper Chicken Fingers

Crispy Baked Chippy Chicken Fingers Printable Recipe Card HERE!!

2 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

1 Cup Milk

1 Large Egg

4-5 Cups Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips (2.5 Cups Crushed)

Salt & Pepper

Non Stick Cooking Spray

Yields 14-16 Chicken Fingers

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.


Like the melted knob?

Speaking of melting ... This is too cute

Or this one from a cute little blog called

That's an actual silhouette, she explains it step-by-step on her blog!

Now, I'm reminded that I need to order that replacement knob; as cute as these crafts are, "Salvador Dali" isn't the theme I'm going for in my kitchen! 😹😹 

....back to the chicken!

Cut chicken into strips, about 1 ½ “ wide and 1” thick. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Let them rest while  you prep the coating.

Crunch up the chips into “Chip Crumbs”. I used a Pestle but a plastic bag works wonders here, too. Just throw them in the bag and scrunch them up!

Whisk egg and milk together in a bowl.

Lay out the crunched chips on a plate.

Prepare a baking pan with non-stick cooking spray before laying coated chicken on.
Prep a station for easy dipping and rolling by lining everything up something like this ::think assembly line::

Assembly Line setup makes coating cleaner and easier

**Kitchen Tip: Use one hand for picking up the raw chicken and laying in the "chip" crumbs and the other hand, reserve for rolling & patting (marking with a B). Use the same hand that you use for dipping in the egg mix, for laying the coated chicken on baking dish. This way, you always have a "crumby" hand and a cleaner hand. Otherwise - if you are like me - you'll be washing your hands every few pieces.

Dip chicken in egg mix, twice. Drip off excess for a second, then roll in Chip Crumbs. I like the cover and pat method myself (see photo process below).
Here's my "process"

Once coated, lay chicken fingers on the prepped baking sheet.

Before their stint in the Oven. Looking so young and innocent ... like a little Lindsay 😹  😹 

Bake chicken on 400 degree for 20 minutes. Turn oven off and let rest another 5 minutes while oven cools.

Crispy Golden Goodness

The coating on the chicken needs no extra oil or fats, the fats in the chips help to crisp up the coating and still keep the chicken moist. By baking, we've eliminated about 50 calories...this recipe comes in around 150 calories per finger; a typical restaurant fried chicken finger comes in over 250 cals per finger. No flavor lost, no cheat point lost!
Served here with Vert & Violette Salad with Yogurt Bleu Dressing


Until next time, everyone...Happy Cooking!!! Also, check in soon for the next posting on - Yogurt Bleu Dip/Dressing!

***UPDATE: That DELISH Yogurt Bleu recipe can be found RIGHT HERE!!





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