Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cheese Tasting Printable with Pairing Suggestions

Getting ready to head out on vacation and couldn't be more excited. My brain is swimming with details, though, and I'm making lists like a bandit. Oh the LISTS! 
On top of the packing for myself, the little man and my guy, I've been planning a wine tasting for my family (we like---scratch that---LOVE---our wine) and then on top of that, we added a cheese selection to the list (same goes for cheese.) So, I thought, I would include a little sheet to help us along as we try new cheeses. 

There's nothing worse than going in blind. "What does this go with?!?!" If it's overwhelming, no one enjoys it, no one "gets" it. That was my motivation on making this little info sheet. I thought I would share these with ya'll as I make them, in the happen-chance that you might be looking at doing a cheese tasting sometime. Just print out this handy dandy sheet and set it out for guests to read as they eat. It's a little bit of what to expect, and some ideas on what cheeses work with what. A little disclaimer - I ran into a problem when saving, and lost my Photoshop file :( so since it was a just-for-fun thing, I skipped remaking the file - which means there are some spelling errors and visual errors that I normally would have tweaked : /  tend to be a little OCD with this stuff, so it's driving me a little crazy, actually, but still - good information for a cheese tasting that can become a convo starter at your next gathering- so I am sucking up my OCD and sharing anyways - :)

I am still working on one more of these handy dandy info sheets - for another 5 - YES FIVE- more cheeses! Needless to say, there will be cheese....there will be wine....there will be A GOOD TIME :)

Until next time....Happy Cheesin' !!!


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