Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet Tart Martini

The Easter shenanigans are officially over. Decorations put away. Temperature are creeping into the 90's (already, ugh) and yet my kitchen is filled with bags and bags of candy. The Easter bunny was kind to Knox this year. As much as we've tried to stash the candy out of sight, he knows. He just knows where to find it. So, we've been in negotiations all week. ::Sigh::...smarter than the 3 year old, I try to remind myself. He wins far too often, I'm not going to lie!

Sunday, after a long fun day, Knox went to bed a little earlier than usual. Little one is sleeping, Game of Thrones time, best part of the day! I mean, just kidding. :) I realized I was pretty worn out from a week of negotiating over candy. I was contemplating just chucking it all. ::Sigh, again:: couldn't bring myself to do it....starving children in Africa. Starving children everywhere. Then I had a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself, COCKTAIL. bam! A Sour Punch Kid cocktail. 

At this point, I was feeling pretty ingenious. That was, until I tried actually melting the Sour Patch candies. Now I'm not sure what they are made of; not sure I want to know. They are basically indestructible. So I cut them into little bits and grabbed the bag of Sweetheart Easter Bunny Gummies. Those melted instantly. Once it was all whisked together and melted (aside from the little bits of Sour Patch) I did a 1:1 ratio; equal part vodka to the Sweet Tart Mix. I mixed it all over ice, then strained into a martini glass. It's a yummy little drink. And I eliminated some Easter candy, score! I felt a little sense of satisfaction, getting rid of Easter candy in the form of an adult beverage. Living on the edge.This is a a Sunday night drink. I didn't even feel bad about drinking liquid candy after chasing my three year old all week. Here are all the deets & a pictures follow:

Sweet Tart Martini

1 Cup Water
Handful of Sweetart Gummies
Handful of Red Sour Punch Kids
All of the little sour sugar dust from the bottom of the Sour Punch Kid box

Bunny candies plus all the sour sugar from the Sour Patch kids, helps to keep it tart.

1 cup of water into a pan. 

Bring to a boil.

Add candies.

Candies start to melt pretty quickly, except the Sour Patch bunnies.

The Sweettart bunnies dissolved.

With a fork, I chopped up the Sour Punch bunnies into little tiny bits.

Mix equal parts vodka with the Sweet Tart mix, over ice. Strain into a martini glass.

Until next time....Happy Cooking! Enjoy!


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