Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tomato Vegetable Sauce & Italian Sausage over Rigatoni

A quiet month over here at DD. There are some updates in the works, I can't wait to share more as I make progress on new a refreshed layout & some new features to come. But today, I wanted to share a quick little tip that could change the way you make red sauce or as my Italian friends say, "gravy". 

The secret? Pork Neck Bones. Don't be scurred. They might change your life.

This particular recipe is ESPECIALLY good with Rigatoni, Penne, any larger tube like pasta, or even in lasagna. And ESPECIALLY great the next day.

I posted this quick little spice-up-your-life recipe on my Twitter-verse earlier and thought I would share here, too. It's a good one. One hitch in the plan...I did not plan. So, I didn't take all the photos per usual & didn't measure a damn thing, but you know, no big deal. Just make sure you add loads of garlic and loads of Basil, the rest will come together just fine.

Alright so, no ingredient list today, but here goes:

Start your red sauce first. 

For the red sauce, I use 12 tomatoes (peeled), 16 oz rinsed mushrooms, one roasted red bell pepper, 3 ribs of celery chopped, one onions & loads of garlic, basil, and fresh parsley. Sweat the vegetables for 10 minutes, browning a bit. Add the tomatoes to that. Simmer covered in broth or water for one hour.

Blend  about 2/3 in food processor or blender until smooth & stir both together (keeps it a little more rustic, they say). Add the red wine reduction below:

Brown neck bones for 15 minutes, add chopped garlic near the end. Deglaze the pan: Cover in red wine & two splashes of Balsamic Vinegar; simmer for 1 hour. Add the red wine/vinegar reduction to a basic red sauce.

Now slice up 3-4 Italian Sausages and add the braised neck bones to a hot pan, searing all sides of all the meat. Cook for about 10 minutes like this. Keep watch over it now so it doesn't burn. 

Add the Italian Sausage right to the red sauce. Reserve the neck bones to cool a bit before handling. Deglaze the pan you used for the meat with some water or broth. Add this liquid to the sauce. (See, I squeeze every flavor from everything!) 

Take the meat off of the neckbones. The meat of the neck bones will melt off of the bones, discard the bones. Chop the caramelized meat finely. Add to the sauce. 

Continue cooking for another few hours on low, adding water or chicken broth as needed. 

You may have noticed the new page name
That's the first of some new stuff coming your way, keep checking in for new recipes and more!

Until next time...Happy Cooking! 

A special thanks to Mona C. for teaching me the ways of the pork neck bone. She changed rigatoni at my house!


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