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Dyed Deviled Eggs Win & Dyed Deviled Eggs Fail

Easter is coming, it'll be here before we know it. I have been trying a few new recipes lately in the spirit of Easter, the first being something found on Pinterest after my Grandma mentioned dying deviled eggs. After searching around a bit, I happened across
This is the picture that won my attention:

Lovely Photo Credit to

So I followed her very well done, I didn't. You know me better than that. 

"Hard" Boiling Eggs:

First, I used my handy dandy egg timer to time my eggs. Check this thing out:

I believe this beauty came from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I can do without a lot of gadgetry, but not this one.

Kitchen Tip: When it comes to hard boiling, the name is kind of deceiving. I think Soft Simmered might be a better description. When left to hard boil, the eggs bump and crack. The whites seem tough, a little chewy or tough-skinned to the bite. The yolks are super dehydrated, and turn grey....which is the telltale sign they were cooked too long and hot. The difference is not HUGE, but you will notice how people just really like your deviled eggs, when not hard boiled. And they won't know why, and you'll know- it's the consistency. The perfectly cooked egg just works in any scenario.

So back to the eggs...

The timer goes in the water with the eggs and as the water simmers, the timer color turns black, so you know where the eggs are at. 

Second, I wait for the timer to get passed medium and then turn the heat off, let the eggs set in the hot water until the timer reads "hard" but the yolks are just done. At that point the whites are cooked to soft and creamy goodness. Makes for a really good deviled egg!

Next, run cold water through the pot for a few minutes to cool them quickly, and then into the freezer they go for about 10 minutes. 

Without fail, if I boil eggs and store them in the fridge for peeling later, the membrane attaches to the egg white and it becomes a nightmare to peel. When I tried the quick cooling in the freezer thing, it changed egg peeling for me, forever. Occasionally there is a tough one that just won't peel but overall it is much easier, quicker, less messy, prettier outcome. You get the picture. 

Last difference is I use sour cream, instead of mayo. I also sprinkle some Lawry's Seasoned Salt in the yolk/sour cream mix.

For hard boiled eggs, I use 

- 6 Eggs
- about 1/4 cup Sour Cream  
- 3 Tbsp Mustard, yellow
- 1/2 tsp Black Pepper
-  1/2 tsp of Lawry's Seasoned Salt, to your taste

Start with less and add as you go, if needed.

Here is my finished product:

I used finely shaved radish and parsley sprigs for color and freshness. 

To my surprise, you can dye the actual egg white! Seeing is believing. AND it was easy, too! 

For the coloring process, I followed Foodjimoto's process (mostly?), also described here:

I tried it with one color, to start. 

It's as easy as:

Put 2-3 drops food color in a mug or glass. I used the Neon product, purple. 

Fill glass, half way with water. 

Slice your peeled eggs in half, lengthwise. Reserve yolks. Rinse eggs white halves in cool water and pat dry. 

Drop into the colored water and let sit for 5-8 minutes. I noticed the longer I left them in, the richer the color. I skipped the step of adding vinegar to the water, because I was worried it would alter the flavor of the eggs. Turns out, vinegar wasn't necesarry.

While your are waiting for the eggs to colour, make the filling using the recipe about

One tip, once they are dyed, handle gently. I think the oil on my finger displaced the dye from the surface of the egg ehite, the first time I took them out, so I dropped them back into the colored water for a few minutes. That fixed it. 

Have a paper towel ready, I patted off the excess water after putting them right onto the egg tray.

You can fill them from there. 
Whip together the cooked yolks, the sour cream & seasoned salt. 

To fill, this time I just used a spoon, but had a "Super Shooter" and I think I am going to invest in one more gadget. Even the good old snip-the-corner-from-a-plastic-bag trick look as pretty as the product of the Super Shooter!

The Wear-Ever Super Shooter

All is well and it was time to bring out those gorgeous little packages. I opened the fridge. 

Then for the kicker....


It was A Christmas Story moment! Though, we did not end up at a restaurant eating ostrich eggs. But still, the analogy was not lost on me.

So, what happened? 

I stored them under my cheese drawer, to keep chilled for dinner. The drawer had come off the tracks and dropped right on top of the tray of eggs.

I remembered my son saying he had grabbed a piece of cheese for a snack while I was getting ready... An "Oh NOOO" moment. Panic. Then bummed, seeing an hour of my day smushed all over the bottom of the cheese drawer. Doh! Shaking my head. Then just laughter. What else is left to do? 

Photo credit: They have a great Etsy store of Party Printables to round out your Easter Party!!!

We all had a laugh, and I learned a lesson or two. I can appreciate a good lesson. :)

Did I mention he had snuck two before the debacle...

Must have been gooood!

Until Next time... Happy Cooking! 


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