Monday, April 21, 2014

Cutest Little Kale

Look what I came across this morning....

Instagrammer @Adelinemt said it best "The Cutest Vegetable Ever" 

They call it the Flower Sprout.
Awwww, a cute name, too.

I read about this new hybrid vegetable on the Dailymail UK first, then trolled IG to see if it was out in the streets. Not really, only 44 posts. But, it's oh so adorable, I am surprised we aren't seeing it EVERYWHERE. It's marketed as a "Superfood" and we are in the heat of health craze, ya'll, so you'd think it be hook, line, sinker. Some things take longer to catch, I suppose. 

Maybe it's the lineage, little Flower Sprout is the love child of Kale and Brussel Sprouts. While that sounds like SUPERFOOD to me, Super Steven would say that's his worst nightmare incarnate. Soooo, maybe I won't be seeing it in my local grocery store anytime soon, buuuut if I can just get this garden going. Then, turn this black thumb, green....then, maybe then, I can sprout my own Flower Sprouts...I know, I know but cheesy was too easy there. 

That's all I've got today; hope everyone's Easter was all you'd hoped it would be...I'm exhausted :)

Happy Cooking!


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