Friday, February 7, 2014

Skinny Sour Amaretto Cocktail

I was clued in to Amaretto Sours first by my sister and then by friends during girl’s night. It seemed like a fad, since I was hit with it all in a small span of time, but one that stuck. By and large, ladies are known for leaning towards fruity or sweet drinks, maybe that’s why Amaretto Sours are rampant at lady nights. Thus, they aren’t likely going anywhere and they are yummy.

I tasted one. I thought it was ::ssschwwEEE-eet::. Like really sweet, and obviously laden with sugar. After doing some research, (I broke it down below) I found out lots of information- for one, that it is hard to find any standard caloric information. The numbers are all over the place, and in every variation of measurement. Leads me to believe somewhere out there is an Amaretto committee scrambling and burying any standard caloric breakdown, making it difficult for the average consumer to find practical data. Makes sense, right?

Recipes, too, vary across the internet, but not enough one way or the other, calorically speaking, to make a huge difference. I figured I would work on my own Amaretto Sour, a light version, something that was enjoyable on my palate and that I could drink without worrying about all the sugar.

My taste buds lean towards citrus, sour, salty and less sweet. What I ended up with is a lot less sweet, a lot less calorie and sugar laden, and not really an Amaretto Sour, per say, for lack of, well...Amaretto. There's a third of the amount. I am naming it a "Skinny Sour Amaretto" where sour comes first. I can’t wholly leave off the Amaretto because it still resembles the flavors and scents of its Amaretto Sour mother drink. And thus it is recognizable to Amaretto Sour fans in many ways, but varied to come in at 169 Calories. BOOM! A very nice number ;)

The typical Amaretto Sour is:
-one or two parts Amaretto (aka 2 to 4 oz.)
-one part (1-2 oz.) Sweet & Sour mix (a.k.a. sour mix or bar mix, made with sugar syrup and lemon and/or lime juice)

By most reliable accounts, the amount of calories in Amaretto Liqueur is 194 calories for every 50 mL of Amaretto. 50 mL also equals about a 1.5 oz pour.

Standard Amaretto sour recipes range from a 1:1 ratio to a sweeter 2:1 ratio of Amaretto-to-sweet-&-sour.

I’ve seen recipes for a 6 oz cocktail, where you looking at 4 ounces (118 mL) of Amaretto to 2 ounces (59 mL) of sweet & sour mix. That is 602 calories for a 6 oz sweet Amaretto Sour.  YIKES!

Alternately, a smaller 3 oz drink served with lots of ice, because you likely ordered it on ladies night special, is 301 calories. In which case you probably order 2 or 3. Bringing you up to 903 calories and counting. That’s basically a McDonald’s meal…Yeah... When broken down like that, it’s a little scary.

So, keeping in mind the data breakdown here:
1 Oz Amaretto is 129 Calories
1 Oz Sweet & Sour is 43 calories

The following recipe is the….


.5 oz Amaretto Liquour (aka 1 Tbsp)
1.5 oz Vodka
¼ tsp almond extract
1 Frozen cube lemon juice
Sprinkle of Splenda
2-3 Ice Cubes
Wedge of lemon for garnish

Put Amaretto, Vodka, almond extract, frozen lemon juice ice cube, one regular ice cube and sprinkle of Splenda in a shaker. I used about ¼ a packet of Splenda, some may want more, I like it a little sour. Shake Shake Shake. Pour all into an old-fashioned glass, over the remaining regular ice cubes. Squeeze fresh lemon over top and the garnish with that lemon wedge.

In my pictures, I did a play on a “Dirty Martini” garnish, peeling lemon peel and folding into circles to look like “olives” the topped the cocktail stick with a smoky almond that I had “drilled” a little hole into with a metal skewer. You have to drill the almond gently, or it breaks into little pieces. I just liked the quirky cuteness of it!

AANNNDD the final calorie break down is as follows:

Vodka…………….96 Calories
Almond Extract…..5 Calories
Amaretto……….....64 Calories
Lemon…………….4 Calories

Total …… 169 Calories

Until next time…Happy Cooking and “Mixology-ing”


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