Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ugly Sweater Holiday Party with Hot Chocolate Bar

Holiday party season will be here before we know it! You might even be starting to plan your office, family or friend's gatherings already. So, I thought there could not be a better time than now to share a theme my main squeeze and I put together a couple of years ago for my son's big 1st Birthday party.

He is a December baby, so we decided to keep with the winter theme.

Hot Chocolate Bar

~Variety of hot chocolates
~Variety of Mugs
~Marshmellows in different flavors
  Gingerbread Marshmellow, Peppermint Marshmellows, Regular Marshmellows
~Candy Canes in Peppermint and Starburst flavors
~Coffee Maker, cleaned out, for hot water
~Half and Half for those that like a thicker hot cocoa optional
~Baileys and Kahlua for those that like adult hot cocoa optional

~Online Printables from

~Wood Stir Sticks customized with printed holiday flags
~Jars, Baskets, tins, Bowls, etc....decorated with the different printables banners, decorative paper prints, badges, etc 
~Ribbons and bows to add a little more flair to jars and what not (see pictures for ideas)


Our menu consisted of the four food groups, according go to Elf: candy, candy cane, candy corn, and syrup!

~Lemon Ricotta Cookies, a Giada recipe 
I added white chocolate drizzles in red and white to be candy-cane-ish. Pretty and festive!

I used a recipe online but can't remember which one. Look for a top rated one and go with it! Peanut butter and chocolate are things dreams are made of.

~Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods
We make these every year. My sisters and I get together and have a 4 hour session of dipping, cooling, rolling, drizzling, and sprinkling pretzel rods in white chocolate and regular chocolate. We crush up candy bars, nuts, use a variety of spinkles, even peppermint and Nerds candies. They make great gift bags for school friends and work friends, too!

~Orange Cupcakes with a Ginger Cream Cheese Frosting
With Ugly Sweater Fondant Toppers
I used a basic yellow cupcake boxed mix  for the  batter and added a healthy dose of grated orange rind with the juice from one orange. The frosting was a basic cream cheese frosting with a dash of nutmeg, ground ginger, and dash of black pepper added.

The mini ugly sweaters were made by cutting out the shape of a sweater and adding the stripes/decoration with sprinkles, edible paint, and gel frosting.

I had little winter themed take home boxes for guests to pick out goodies to bring home with them, too! Guests showed up in their holiday worst, we got chocolate wasted and actually had some regular food in the mix. Lots of fun, lots of merry, lots of cheer. 

In the end, our then one year old got to dig in to "The Green Monster Cake," (which I thought would look like a Christmas tree when I envisioned it.) I'm not sure it came out like that, but it was fun and funky, just the same. We did what we do best, we went with it. Honestly, those are sometimes the best moments, I heard lots of compliments over the cake. Lots of good feedback on the whole thing.
Yay, Success!!!

Big thank you to for the free printables! Ya'll are awesome!

Until next time....Happy Cooking and Party throwin'!!!


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