Thursday, October 31, 2013

Easy Egg Noodles

Fresh pasta. Just those two words will send many of you backpacking your way to the alps from this recipe. You're thinking...I am not getting sucked in...nope, not doin' it. Okay, I get it, but just bare with me here.

Not only the forbidden diet food, I think many of us imagine an Italian grandmother slaving in the kitchen since this morning, on fresh pasta. Who's got that kinda time? Not me, not you; am I right am I right? And you do realize how many lunges it takes to work that pasta off, right? 

Yes. I do. First, I'd like, to refer you to a great little article making the rounds in cyberspace this week titled "A Big Butt Is A Healthy Butt: Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier." I knew it!!

But wait. Give me a minute, not only can you fit this one reasonably in to your diet, there is an easier way. And it is even fast. This is the Egg Noodle recipe...and it goes along with a Hearty & Light Chicken & Spinach Noodle dish to be posted. 

Hearty and light, you say? Oxymoron, right? Well, it will certainly satisfy that pasta craving on a cold winters night (hearty). And a good sized serving, enough to satisfy that said craving...well, said dish is under WELL under 200 calories for a cup. We are talking about 160 calories for a heaping cup of noodles and chicken in a flavorful broth. That's for a HEAPING cup, so ladies, you can feel good about that, and gentleman, you can have doubles or if you are like my guy, eat the whole pot and have caloric room for breakfast and lunch. 

It's sinful and yet, you don't have to feel bad about it. There really is nothing like fresh pasta, you can always tell when it's fresh pasta. Give it a try!

1 cup flour
2 eggs
Plus some flour for dusting

Rolling pin
Knife or pasta cutter

In a bowl, measure out your flour and make a little well in the center. Get ready to get your hands dirty. break two eggs in to the center of the well. Get to kneading. Just go for it. Start mixing the flour and eggs together by hand, until it is a knead able consistency and keep kneading.
Knead, knead, knead. That flour does the work but it needs your help...get it? Give some loving and it will give back. I think you get the point right?

Okay, set that aside and prep an area on the counter for rolling. I thoroughly clean an area before beginning the process, so the counter surface is ready to roll right there. I dust liberally with flour, set the dough ball in the center and get to rolling.

Like Dori tells Nemo," just keep rolling, just keep rolling, just keep rolling." Wait, that wasn't Dori...that must of been that one time....nevermind, back to the dough. Roll it out to the thickness of about a little less than a quarter inch or take a look at your house key, the top part that is thickest, that is about right. If it isn't perfect, it's okay. 

Once it is good and flat, use a sharp knife to cut thin strips out of the dough. See the picture below to get an idea of the size. You really can go with a thick or a thin noodle for the dish we are asking, Egg noodles are always yummy on the thicker side!

And that is it, really. You can store them in the fridge, in a container, or throw them right into a soup, pot of well salted water, etc... or use them for that chicken recipe. That recipe will be up tomorrow!

Until next time...Happy Cooking!!


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